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During all these years of working in the food business we’ve heard a common theme – people feel like they should eat more fruits and vegetables, but most of us don’t get the amount we should. That’s why Green Wagon Foods is focused on helping people eat more of these important foods. Important because research shows that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is not only better for your health, but better for our planet as well.

Green Wagon Foods was founded in 2019 by Peter and George, longtime friends. We’ve been food guys most all our adult lives. (We met while making new products at one of the world’s largest food companies.) Then one of us (George) got the itch to make a bit of a career change and began immersing himself in learning what people wanted from their food. While “consumer researcher” was the official title of what he did, he preferred to consider it making a bunch of new friends and learning about what they needed from their food. While George was off starting his company, Peter stayed in product development, eventually rising to become the head of R&D. When it came time for Peter to retire he realized that while he was old enough to retire he was not old enough to quit pursuing his passion for building things, so he reached out to his old friend and Green Wagon Foods was born. A brand-new small food company built with sixty years of experience shared between two friends.


George Abide

Why “Green Wagon”? We believe a wagon is a great metaphor for our company. Wagons are simple and approachable, and they provide both utility and fun. We believe that our products can help people eat a healthier diet and can also be easy to prepare and great tasting – useful and fun, sort of like a wagon!

We like to call our approach to a more plant-based diet “whole plant” based – no, we don’t mean you eat the entire plant; roots, shoots and leaves (unless they’re tasty!) – we mean that eating plants in their real, natural form is the way to go. No need to turn them into something fake or unrecognizable. We believe our friend Julia Rancone of Ultra Creative in Minneapolis (who helped design our packaging) said it well in her recent blog post asking us to "re-imagine the deliciousness of plants."

We invite you to join us on our journey as we offer ideas and products to make the plants you know you need to eat into great tasting food you and your family will want to eat.


Peter and George

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